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Service from A to Z

Our licensed engineers will coordinate the work for your chimney or liner with the engineer of record and submit all necessary calculations, shop drawings, and other documentation for the project. We prepare and file our own drawings and documents with the department of buildings and other authorities with jurisdiction, if required, and secure our own permit for chimney installation and for any temporary structures needed during construction.

We are trained and certified by the chimney manufacturer, have our own rigging license, and our crews are trained in sheet metal work as well as masonry demolition and reconstruction work often needed with liner installations.

Why Work With Us

Engineered Patented Chimneys

  • 3D computer aided design
  • Testing under rigorous US and Canadian standards
  • Patented UL-Listed sytems

Simple & Straightforward Installation

  • No welding and No specialized labor
  • Fast erection and installation
  • Temporary Boiler often not required

Outstanding Value

We know our competition because we have knowledge of available chimney systems and those anticipated in the future, and are proud to provide what we believe is a professionally engineered, quality fabricated, and simply and quickly installed chimney system providing the best value overall.

Our Expertise

Chimney Liners
Chimney Stacks
Chimney Inspections

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